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iStick 50W
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Copper 510
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Mark Mod #35
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18 mg / 70% PG~30% VG
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April 1
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January 10, 2018
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February 1, 2013
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About Me
Like everything else in life, interaction is the key to knowing someone new to become a lifelong friendship.

Also, I really love berries.
Too many to list and too lazy to do it.
Indulging in berries, confusing you, exploding and then resurrecting like it's nobody's business, making people laugh with witty and crude banter, pestering folks for some berries, tackle hugging all vapers, humping Voxvolari's legs for warmth, launching underwear during Ivisi's performances, raiding BSP's fridge at any given opportunit because he's got good snacks, conducting scientific experiments with JG, chewing up VapeTV's servers, smashing electronics when they're offline, keeping it G with TheRealG, preaching to the masses about various subjects, questioning my sanity, relishing in the degradation of your sanity, providing sage wisdom, seeking sage wisdom, playing a game with fellow vapers, providing a referral system to those in need of vaping related questions, and sleeping on cam in hopes I don't get ambushed by ninjas.
The kind that makes my skin perk up with joy and fear. Country will be dealt with a blow to the cranium and a weekend's worth of evidence disposal.