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Male. 41 years old
by on August 5, 2015
Having Turned the Calendar page over on the Door I realized that Today is My Second VapeAversery! So I thought I would take a Few Moments and Reflect in a Few Lines;If You Care to Read on, Thank you...I never thought that The Decision to put Cigarettes Down would lead to a whole new "hobby" That Gets Better with Every new Flavor and Way of Vaping I try(And I try Many) To put that In Perspective I started Vaping when the ProTank 1 was Just fading and iClear 16's where still a Viable Clearo, and M...
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by on November 9, 2013
I was Happy to Get my BRV juice today...The Flavor of the Month is Shore Leave...Refreshing! http://www.brvliquids.com
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