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Female. Lives in  Michigan,  United States. Born on April 4, 1978 Angelwriter is in a relationship with StickyVapcent
by on September 5, 2016
Hey everyone. I wanted to give an update on what's been going on with me. Basically about a week an a half ago I got really sick with some kind of flu virus and I also developed a nasty redness and swelling in my right leg. That leg part came as a result of a shaving incident a few days before when I knicked myself really badly, but I didn't think much of it. Anyway, I was developing a high fever during that weekend and last Sunday, went to the ER where it was discovered that I got celluliti...
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by on December 11, 2015
I have not posted up a personal blog here in a very long time. I've had other things going on and sometimes I just forget to post up. In any event, every year, I do some kind of poem for the holidays parodying 'Twas the night before Christmas. With me being a new host on VapeTVLive, I thought I'd have a little fun and write the following (plus you also get to see my poetic side a bit): Twas the show on VapeTVLive Twas a channel on a website called VapeTVLive It was 8pm The time finally arri...
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by on August 7, 2015
The following has also been published in Vape News Magazine. This is how I really saw VapeXpo Ann Arbor. And yes, I do get critical. Talk about timely! VapeXpo Ann Arbor, June 15, 2015 Dear Vape Event Diary, This year was my second appearance to VapeXpo in Ann Arbor. It was held in the same location but this time under a different name. That was the Wyndham Hotel and Suites (which was previously the Clarion). For a small event, this is a great venue. If you had more vendors, it would b...
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by on August 3, 2015
This editorial was just published in this month's new edition of Vape News Magazine Vaping on the Outside: The Passionate Vaper Ever since my Uncle John Oser passed away on Veteren’s Day 2013, I’ve always felt that it was his death from stage-4 lung cancer and the fact that he had smoked for 50 years that propelled my passion into vaping and making sure that others had the right to do so. That has included my boyfriend who has been at least a year and a half without smoking. I don’t know if...
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by on June 14, 2015
The following is an interview I did with Putergeel and LASD of vapenet for this month's VapeNews PuterGeek and LASD are the co-managers of the Vapenet Channel on VapeTV. This channel has had its share of ups as downs as well as a questionable reputation. Despite its hills and valleys, it has never wavered or changed when there’s drama, chaos, etc. Vapenet has always had its own voice and after this interview, you’ll see why. Susan: How did Vapenet get started? PuterGeek: It was started b...
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by on June 11, 2015
This is what I had printed for Vape Magazine for June: Vaping on the Outside: Educating the Masses about Vaping So I was online one night in a show. It was two friends of mine that I recently converted and got kits to celebrate with their first day of vaping. Seeing the happiness on their faces of trying this new experience made me happy. They had been ready for a while since I also had some juices sent to them, and the smell was driving them mad until they could get their kits. One of the...
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by on April 27, 2015
Since it's publication and distribution, I've already had two people email me their reactions to this piece. It's why I write like I do...not for the fame but to get the word out and also to help people feel like they are not alone and give them the courage to speak out. April is a special month for women. Especially April 14, 2015. This is Equal Pay Day where women get to celebrate the fact that for at least one day, her payment at work is the same as her male counterpart. Now, this might...
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by on April 15, 2015
In case some of you are unable to read the interview I did with Lu of this wonderful website, I thought I'd give you the transcript in its raw form. Enjoy!! Interview from the Inside: Luciano Manete of VapeTV.com Luciano Manete has been the owner and operator of VapeTV.com for the past few years. This is a website that was designed for vaping community to interact with each other through shows, message boards, and more. For the past few years VapeTVLive was the only channel that was active...
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by on March 15, 2015
Ok, here is what I submitted for a Letters to the Editor to at least one M-Live publication here in Michigan. Feel free to read it on your shows or use it for your own Letters to the Editor: To whom it may concern: When I learned of the hearing on March 18 on the indoor vaping ban in Washtenaw County on the M-Live website, I became very concerned. In fact, it was a fellow member of the vaping community that posted about writing letters to government officials who linked me the article and I ...
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by on March 13, 2015
Thank you Terraphon for the inspiration....here is what I wrote and sent. Enjoy and feel free to talk about it and share on your own shows. To whom it may Concern: My name is Susan Oser and I am a member as well as an activist of the vaping and e-cigarette community that your proposed laws are trying to affect. When I heard the news about Washtenaw county's proposed indoor usage ban written up in M-Live and heard in other local news reports, I became concerned and alarm. I know how the Ann...
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by on March 1, 2015
For those of you that have not read it yet. This following interview is printed in Vape Magazine WAY in the back of it. Even though, have a read and make sure to show Jay and Bunni your support. They were the first ones to get me and my boyfriend started with vaping. So, I thought my first ever interview to give for the magazine would be on them and Jay's mods. DJJRock and SnwBunni are the owners and operators of Peace, Love, and Vape. Recently, they have opened up their own online shop ...
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by on February 20, 2015
The following was published in this month's Vape News: I’ve been an online host for the vapenet channel for almost a yearand I can honestly say that I’ve seen some interesting things happen. First of all, I’ve seen a lot of unity when it comes to helping someone in need and raising money for them. On the flipside, I have also seen a lot of infighting between hosts or channels for ratings, who has the bigger P.E.N.I.S., and just for drama’s sake. Thus, it stands to reason that the online vap...
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