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This is what I had printed for Vape Magazine for June:
Vaping on the Outside: Educating the Masses about Vaping
So I was online one night in a show. It was two friends of mine that I recently converted and got kits to celebrate with their first day of vaping. Seeing the happiness on their faces of trying this new experience made me happy. They had been ready for a while since I also had some juices sent to them, and the smell was driving them mad until they could get their kits. One of them was ready and had stated that he was looking to quit.
Well, this day came and it was great chatting with them about it, as well as with other regulars of their show who got it and understood. In fact, they were just as happy for them as I was and giving them advice like me. HOWEVER, there were a few people in the audience that made me want to put my hand through the screen and smack their typing hands. They ranged from making lewd jokes about vaping to those who said that vaping was just a trend or that vaping was worse than smoking.
There was one chatter in particular who had quit smoking for 22 years and he was very proud of this fact. According to him, he had tried vaping before and thought it was worse. When I asked this chatter where he got his information, I never got a response, he just kept going on and on about it. What made it more annoying was how he was telling my friends to kind of quit vaping now to save yourselves or are you coughing and choking, go back to smoking you’ll feel better.
Now, I’m happy that this said person quit, but they didn’t need to go on this rampage about vaping being no better. I mean, if that is not someone that reeks of ANTZ, I don’t know what is. Now, of course when I saw this, my activist hat was put onto my head and soon I started finding links in the room to not only help my friends out but to try to give him the facts. I kept repeating in the chat, it’s NOT smoking its vaping, etc. etc. You know those same arguments that we all have defended ourselves against when it comes to anti-vapers.
Now granted, my poor friends were just on their first night of vaping so of course they were a bit confused which is why it was great to see other chatters who vaped were trying to help them out as much as I was. In addition, while there is potential, I know they have A LOT to learn and I’ve been there for them ever since I introduced the concept of vaping. In fact, I still intend to because I want to see them succeed and they’re such sweethearts living in a state the frankly has an indoor ban use.
The point is, from what I saw in that chatroom this night raised a question that I’ve asked not only on my own show but I’d like to put to you the reader: How good have we been educating the public with the right information on vaping? Are we just that clique sharing the information amongst ourselves and not sharing with the world? Are we really aware of the Misinformation that’s truly out there?
Personally, from what I’ve seen with my own eyes, I say that we’re not doing a very good enough job. Almost every day there are loads of news stories coming out about the dangers of e-cigarettes or the latest proposed e-cigarette bans that a city council or county commission is set to have a hearing on because of a few people who complained about e-cigarettes because they just don’t exactly know what it’s about and it’s strange. It almost seems like we are fighting AGAINST something rather than fighting FOR something (or hell just FIGHTING in general). Where is the education?
I mean, has someone ever thought of coming up with some kind of show not around other vapers but as an educational service to the public about vaping, e-cigarettes, and smoking cessation? What about contacting more than one news station to do a POSITIVE e-cigarette personal story to appeal to those who are stuck in that should I or shouldn’t I try vaping? If something like that exists, I’d like to hear more about it.
Maybe we should talk to other activist groups of other issues for sexual equality, the environment, etc. to see what kinds of activities they have and ask how they do it and how they keep the fight going on when it feels like the cards are stacked against them. Perhaps they have an answer or a clue to something we’re missing. Maybe once they hear about our struggles and what we’re about, they can support us. Talk about a great way to reach out to the public in a positive way as a vaper right?
Here’s the thing, vapers have a stigma like the Scarlet Letter embedded on their chest, and about 90% of the community doesn’t realize it. This is why we need to stop being like Scrooge McDuck hoarding his wealth and actually share what we know (and maybe have) with the rest of the world. You never know who might be interested. You never know who could help us. You never know who might be listening.
About the Author: Susan E. Oser aka Angelwriterspeaks is a host on Monday nights on Vapenet (http://; ( and a Vape News as well as Vape Time Magazine contributor. For her day job she is an online tutor and part-time freelance writer. She is a passionate activist for vaping rights. Find her at and . You can also buy her knitted accessories (esp for you the vapor) at If you wish to contact her directly you can do so at:
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