by on July 14, 2015
It was a long hard road but I made it to my 1st year of vaping n being smoke free.
I had my fair share of ups n downs on this journey. There were so many times I wanted
to give up on vaping. I stayed with it by hanging out on various vaping shows just to get the encouragement
I needed to get thru the day. I also had to keep in mind of the health issue that made me quit smoking n start vaping.
What were the issues u ask? I was a walking talking breathing heart attack/ stroke victim waiting to happen. My blood
pressure was mega high like 200 plus over 100 plus kinda high. I didn't wanna die either. I have kids that need me still to be on this side of the ground. I knew I had to change my ways and so I did.
After I started vaping my kids would tell me I smelled much better. They also let me know if a juice I was vaping was a good smell or a gross one lol. I started at a 18 nic level when I started vaping. After many months I dropped to 12 nic. When I was thinking bout dropping to a lower nic level I got sick for bout 3 weeks n couldn't vape at all. After I got better I tried to vape a 12 nic juice n bout died. I knew right then I had to use no nic or 0 nic in my juices cause I still wanted to vape to avoid the nasty cigs. I no longer use my asthma inhaler ( this is just me everyone is different ) unless I laugh so hard I can't breathe. I can taste my food like I did before smoking. So vaping has really saved my life n my kids still have their mom who is a non smoker once n for all.