by on July 22, 2015
First blog post I've ever done, maybe the only blog post I ever do but I'm perceiving it as an avenue for some much needed venting. Don't be shocked if this seems offensive to parts of what has become our vaping community. Don't feel bad if you don't agree with any or all of it. These are my thoughts and opinions alone and should not be perceived as those of VapeTV or any of it's other hosts or sponsors.
Then and Now:Then: When I started vaping(October 2010) the community, as a whole, was much much smaller and vaping much more complicated. There was fewer vapers overall, and only a small portion of those that had looked into finding other vapers. It's my interpretation that this is what brought us together and made what community we did have extremely close. You had much fewer avenues to look toward when you had an issue with your setup to find help; This meant if/when you did actually find someone with a similar problem or someone that could help you find a solution friendships developed quick.
You spent much more time on forums such as ECF looking for opinions and solutions than you did on YouTube or Facebook. There was no Facebook groups and the few reviewers that were on YouTube were much more eager to critique and their sole mission seemed to be to help other vapers find the right products for them and to help them avoid those not worth having. Most reviewers were completely honest about the products they reviewed because they had actually spent their own money on them. There was much less competition and entitlement for views and subscribers.
When a vaper found something wrong going on they were not afraid to object and let others know about it. The smaller community was much more willing to confront the problem by either contacting the source or an all together boycott. This easier policed circle of vendors and customers lead to what I perceive as a community that cared more about our public image and an industry with much less bullshit on the market.
Now: The community is magnitudes larger. There's many more "categories" of vapers, from your subohmers with their mechs and RBAs to your "dark age vapers" still rocking hardware like conventional 510, 306, and 901 atomizers. With so much diversity there seems to be an unwarranted need to judge others on what they choose to use, which in my opinion a more segregated community. I've heard way too many stories of fellow vapers being talked down to or judged because they choose something that isn't an rba filled with gaping holes and close hanger wire. I find situations like this extremely aggravating and encourage anyone who finds themselves in said situation to first try to educate the the judgmental on the basics and why you enjoy the setup you do, if this doesn't work don't hesitate to tell them to eat a bag of dicks and carry on enjoying your setup.
YouTube is now an ocean of vaping related content vast amount of reviews, tutorials and blogs while there's positive aspects to this it doesn't come without consequence. There's many more reviewers getting products daily free of charge. This in my opinion has lead to less critical reviews overall. It's far more difficult to find a review pointing out pitfalls of a product instead of basically advertising it. Is this because they're afraid manufacturers will stop sending them content if they don't like what they hear? We also can't forget the magnitude of entitlement a large margin of the reviewers today have seemed to develope. Reviewers are not only reviewing products but licencing out their names onto juice lines of their "own". They're now gaining the idiocracy known as "vape famous" putting monetary value on both their opinions and their signatures. THIS is why I seldom search YouTube for opinions. I refuse to support ANY reviewer with their own juice line with my attention. Does this make me seem like an asshole to some? Maybe but so be it.
When it comes to vapers policing the vendors then vs now it's night and day. There's far too many irresponsible vendors and a seemingly less aware customer base. It's an extremely uphill battle or even impossible for those consumers like myself that do try to. The number of vendors that are either unaware or careless of what they're doing is doing to the image of our industry and community is huge and increasing daily. VapeExpoNJ was a prime example of this. The majority of vendors are caring less and less about what the consequences of what they're pushing and if we have data to support them. I highly applaud and encourage other to embrace the few vendors who are doing things the right way, those testing their liquids, selling them in the correct manor and packaging, and doing what they can to keep our industry presentable and realizing not only vapers are looking. These are the vendors that have earned my money, attention and respect. I give them the highest respect and I encourage everyone else to do the same.
Bottom line: Again I'll reiterate this is just my ranting comparison. Thank you to those who have made it through. I Implore everyone to do what you can to change what the community and industry into something closer to what it was when I started vaping.
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