by on December 11, 2015
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I have not posted up a personal blog here in a very long time. I've had other things going on and sometimes I just forget to post up.
In any event, every year, I do some kind of poem for the holidays parodying 'Twas the night before Christmas. With me being a new host on VapeTVLive, I thought I'd have a little fun and write the following (plus you also get to see my poetic side a bit):
Twas the show on VapeTVLive
Twas a channel on a website
called VapeTVLive
It was 8pm
The time finally arrived
The channel had opened up
The Chatters came in
There were tunes and chat
Sometimes with BSP'S din
Some hosts were all nestled
snug in their seats
With Kiera and Lloyd
And Flitz's weekly news beats
I with my laptop
and my boyfriend with his shirt
We all got a little punchy
and vaped hard til it hurt
When at the stroke of midnight
Vape rants did appear
along with meth or meth
which made our eyes want to clear
Away to the computer
We geeked out with a host or two
O, Scruff and Taz
And of course CrashVapes too
The vape and the clouds
From our newly bought mods
Activism and opinions
Respectfully at odds
When what to the channel
some hosts did appear
LadyStrange, phrack, and Dangergirl all were here
With a channel leader,
Who came by now and then
Yep, Mr. Lu
You done it again
More lively than some other channels I know
With Steam Team and Quitters
and Mr E's show
To the top of the viewership
We didn't care
As Phantom sipped his tea
with a vaped away stare
As the activism rose
Til it made us sick
A2V had his links
So that we could all click
Vapor Mike spoke not a word
Nor did the Good Life guys
But WOCNAM had his rewind
It was the weekend SURPRISE!
We all sprang offline
To our real life and then
Because our show was over
What fun it had been
As I finish this poem
I just want to say
Happy Christmas and New Years
Have a good laugh and a good day!