by on February 3, 2016
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Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and opinions alone and should not be perceived as those of VapeTV, any of its other hosts, sponsors, or anything beyond me alone.
Those of you who've been around me or know me are likely well aware of an escalating disdain I'm gaining for a solid 98% of the vaping industry. Needless to say I feel the need for some serious venting and have decided to share this venting or let's face it, rant. Yep, I feel it's time to make like a mistreated battery and do some serious venting. I'll forewarn if you're reading and are in any way sensitive to crude, adult oriented language, thank you but please redirect your attention as I will not feel bad nor responsible if my words offend.
So I suppose I'll focus the "Premium™" button. What exactly is premium? Well let's call on to find the most relevant meaning when it comes to vaping:
[pree-mee-uh m]
10.of exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind; superior <--This perhaps? #@*! and NOPE. The "Premium™" products in the vaping industry are made with the same ingredients and practices as those who don't make the "Premium" proclamation, in fact they're quite often worse. albeit in their overall quality, their packaging, or their marketing so this definition is miles away from correct.
11. of higher price or cost. <-- BINGO. Simple and accurate. That's right, the sought after "Premium™" products our community and the vaping customer base praises is just at a higher price, nothing more. Definitely the most relevant definition when it comes to the eliquid manufacturing market.
So why do I hate it? Well there is a plethora of reasons for me. It's blatant bullshit marketing. selling the idea that it's superior to something else when it's not. It's outright deception of customers for the sole greed oriented purpose of charging more. It disgusts me to think a customer is sold on the idea that a juice company isn't good just because they don't call their eliquid "Premium™" and pay more for less quality and fewer choices which leads to another reason the idea needs to die; choice. For reasons I fail to grasp it seems in order to be considered and marketed as "Premium™" an eliquid needs two main things that I'll focus on: a glass bottle and very limited nicotine selection. Both of these "qualifications" enrage me.
I have a very intense hate glass bottles. Why in the flying #@*! is a less convenient, more fragile bottle considered superior to PET plastic bottles? I vape via a number of means, I use tanks, rdas and feeders. The method that most confuses me to use glass bottles with is obviously dripping. I'll talk about the process in which I go through to use my drippers. With a PET bottle I first pull both PV and juice out of my pocket and often pull the topcap off the rda and hold it with the same hand that I'm holding the PV with, unscrew the cap on the bottle, holding it in my palm once it's off the bottle. Then I place the convenient nipple of the bottle where I need to juice and squeeze, put the cap back on the bottle and have a vape. Now let's walk though the same process with a glass bottle. Pull out the pv, holding it in one hand. Pull off the topcap holding it in the same hand. Now Pull out the glass bottle with the other hand. If you're good you can unscrew the cap with the same hand you're holding the bottle with. Now what? you're forced to either struggle to both hold the bottle and pull the dropper out with one hand or you need a convenient surface to place the glass bottle on while you dispense the liquid. We also can't forget that without the cap a PET bottle can be tipped completely over and you lose what, a single drop? Tip over an open glass bottle, you lose over half of the bottle and have quite the mess. Additionally when it comes to durability just forget about it. you cannot shatter a PET bottle. Glass; well it's glass, it can be unpredictable at times but nine times out of ten, glass hitting something hard like the ground will not end well. So maybe people see glass as "Premium™" because it costs more? NOPE. Depending on the quantity they're bought at glass bottles can actually be cheaper than high quality PET plastic ones.
Now let's look at the second "qualification", limitation of the available nicotine selection. #@*! OFF. I consistently vape 18mg and sometimes I'll vape 24mg when I feel irritated, angry, or annoyed. So where does this put me if I was a sucker for the "Premium™" bullshit marketing? Up shit creek without a paddle, or hell without a boat. It pisses me to then core when I see a vendor talking about how amazing their liquid is and how I must try it when they fail to cater to customers like myself who still like nicotine and hate over consumption. Pretty much anything with the "Premium™" tagline is only made in the lower nicotine levels, 12mg being the highest offered disqualifying anyone who likes higher. To me this is like telling someone who enjoys coffee "nope sorry, all you can have is instant, decaf" or someone who enjoys beer "nope sorry but you can have this Premium™ non-alcoholic beer you just need to pay a little more." If you were one of these people and were told such I think the majority would gladly tell the vendor to go play hide and go #@*! themself. Why is it acceptable when it comes to vaping? Why am I, expected to drop my nicotine level just to be and applicable customer? Is my money and support less valuable to the vendor because I still want 18mg? If that's the case #@*! you too. I won't give you my money nor support. Does this limit my selection sure, but it means I'm not sponsoring or endorsing a portion of our market that I think should not exist.
That's right I said it. If you're a vendor who fails to acknowledge the individuals like myself who want or need higher nicotine levels I hope you or your low selection "Premium™" juice line fails miserably and costs you. Do I understand that some vendors are doing it solely to sell more and appear the same as the rest of the "Premium™" crowd? Of course. Do I think that makes it acceptable? No. You're still disregarding vapers like myself and even potential vapers, who want or need more nicotine to be satisfied. If you're smart enough you can offer the 0-24mg nicotine level selection at the same costs as the seemingly popular limitation of 4 choices. Vendors have been doing it efficiently since vaping started.
I'm a firm believer in the "lead by example" mentality. Let a product's quality and the maker's integrity be your marketing, don't rely on the "Premium™" tagline.