Hi All,
I'm on the hunt for some juice that loves carto tanks. Specifically dct tanks. This has been the go-to system that helped my wife quit smoking.
We had a good run (couple years) with a vendor but they no longer offer the same ratio of pg/vg that was the magic ticket for my wife. She used to get 5-7 days out of a cart no problem but now it's been rough. She can't vape high vg juice because it gives her breathing issues plus it tends to be even more problematic for carts.
Any others who use dct tanks and have juice that works well for them in this system I would be very grateful for any suggestions.
I'm kind of desperate here to get something going that works for her. She likes her tanks and doesn't really want to try any other atomizer system. Right now she's just throwing juice and carts away because they don't work well.
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