Ok folks here it is
The version mixed tonight is as follows with TPA/TFA and FW flavorings;
Strawberry 8%
Whipped Cream 5%
Vanilla Cupcake 4%
Sweetener 3-4% - start lower and add if needed
First base I've messed with was;
Strawberry 9%
Whipped Cream 3%
Vanilla Cupcake 3%
Sweetener 3%
I was going to add a tad 2% of Cream Cheese Icing but figured let's see how these steep out after 3-4 days.
If you play with the base and change up anything, please post since this is for the vapers!
Thanks - Phrack :D
Sounds delicious ny friend! I'm looking to get into the diy juices, where do you buy your supplies? I'm in Jersey if you know any shops that sell diy supplies
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Arnie H
Looks good. Thanks for sharing.
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Was thinking about posting a question about going to follow the top one and see...thank you Phrack!
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