Hi. I use a Kanger Tech Aero Tank on my itaste vv battery. I just cleaned one of my tanks, including soaking the coils in hot water. I let all the parts dry for about a week now. I put it together and works fine. However, one of the 2 coil units that I cleaned was put in another tank and makes my digital readout make funny lines on the battery. I figured it may be a faulty coil and need replaced. Could this be a faulty coil? Thanks for your input.
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I see nobody reads the forums, guess I'll ask somewhere else.
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Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Coils should never really be cleaned with water, grain alcohol is best, as flavorless as possible, lack of flavor for the wicking and alcohol itself for it's fast evaporation (most people use cheap vodka), this near removes chances of rust on a coil or any other metal part of an atomizer or head/coil for a tank as inhaling rust would be really bad. With regard to that specific error message, as I don't own one, I can't say but it should have come with a manual which should tell you what all the different read out messages mean. My guess would be a short which can happen with mass produced coils. As they are meant to be disposable and are cheap, looking to get more than a couple of weeks out of them is pushing it a bit, lucky if you do but if not, not big deal. You can try cleaning as you did and as I said above but nothing beats a new one and cost is so minimal, always pays to have at least a box of spares as back ups so if one is bad, you can just slap a new one in and vape away again :)
Arnie H
I use both water, alcohol, and dry burning to clean my coils/heads using silica wick. A week to dry is a long time though. Makes me think of mildew.
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