Nostalgic meets New Tech, when Inspiration meets Occasion! TURN IT UP! It’s time to get the band back together!
Yup, I got to be part of the DNA40 beta test group and put this unit together for testing the board. Amazing tech (DNA40), IMHO!

I had planned a DNA30 for this enclosure, but the occasion couldn’t be ignored! Thought I’d show insides if anyone might like to give it a go or it may help in design ideas for future projects. A few things changed from my original drawing. I had originally had the up/down buttons side by side but decided to go with in-line for better aesthetics and staying with the theme. Missing is the photo of the atty positive soldered in! Sorry, about that I was getting close to button-up, annnnd well the excitement, ya know? I love it when a plan comes together!

Check out the link below of my build photos.
nice , as a modder myself i can appreciate the steps you are taking here to make these mods, i have looked over ur pics and you have some nice complicated builds here and they are turning out great!
keep up the good work!!
Peace Love and Vape
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