Made this thread on UKV, and thought I'd post it here too...
So, is saw a couple of videos recently (well, I heard about aerogel ages ago), and it got me thinking about how they could be used for vaping.
First up, super absorbent aerogel...
Can be made to absorb different liquids...
It's also super insulating...
And it can be pretty strong...
So, could this be a good wicking material?
Then there is this...
Not sure what could be done with that. Liquid forced towards the wick? Wickless vaping?
Anyways, just thought I'd share what was kicking around in my head :)
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This is rather interesting and has given me something to research and learn more about. I don't know what is in the future of vaping but, If this could be used. I can imagine the types of devices like tanks and or other heating elements we will be able to use as well as if it might be safer would be greaT!
Thanks for posting and I look forward to reading & researching more about it.
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The problem I see with this material is it being a great insulator. That is because then it would needing to be heated much higher then our current technology. Too much heat has been known to produce chemicals we don't want to be inhaling. Now for the next issue I see with this material, with it being so absorbent it will also end up running into the issues carto users and rebuilders run into and that is a wick that is wet in some spots and dry in others. I also see the issue of it having to be made to absorb the material which would mean each flavoring/mix of flavorings, each PG/VG ratio would have to have a new one made for it. Not to mention any error in juice making would have to be made. Also the even more limited lifespan has to be taken in consideration.
While a lovely idea for it's super speedy absorbency the issue is simple. Releasing that moisture. It's counter to the substance's nature to do so lol Now, were it something that was reactive to charge for example, like the cloudy filling sandwiched between glass in modern Japanese offices, flick a switch, opaque, flick it again, transparent, we would have something. Only way something like this would work is in such a situation, no charge, absorbs, controlled charge, controlled release of moisture. Even then, it has to be able to handle the heat and not be toxic, doubtful.
Arnie H
Amazing technology. Far too technical for me though. In the end, a Hershey's Kiss died a horrible death. Let me know when the funeral will be held.