I mostly work with Capella's (CAP) and The Flavor Apprentice (TFA) if you have any questions feel free to ask. (Titles are free to change and will be underlined)
2% Clove TFA
10% Ry4 Asian TFA
5% Vanilla Custard TFA
Note: After a week steep, slightly mellow with somewhat caramel and coffee undertones. A must for the wake and vape.
Going Gorillas
8% Double Chocolate TFA
6% Peanut Butter CAP
5% Banana Cream TFA
3% Cotton Candy CAP
.5% Ripe Banana TFA
Note: Ripe Banana is wicked strong! But if you like banana go for it! Steep for 2 weeks at the very least but your preference as usual.
Coconut Curren$y
4% Black Honey Tobacco TFA
4% Graham Cracker Clear TFA
4% Double RY4 TFA
1% Tobacco Absolute TFA
.5% Coconut Extra TFA
Note: 2 week Steep. Pretty well balanced its sweet but not 'diabeetus' sweet.
5% Strawberry TFA
5% Juicy Peach CAP
1.5% Sour TFA
4.5% Honeydew TFA
1% Pear TFA
Note: 1 week steep (optional). 1.5% sour was a bit too strong for my palate decreased to about .3%, although flavored profile changed completely after 3 weeks still an all-day vape.
Epic Salutations
8% Green Apple TFA
2% Juicy Peach CAP
1% Cotton Candy TFA
3% Bavarian Cream TFA
3% Harvest Berry CAP
4% True Tobacco CAP
Note: True Tobacco is completely optional, I just thought a good dry tobacco flavor rounded it out a bit more. After a 2 week steep a very tasty welcome.
6% Black Currant TFA
2.5% Cinnamon Danish CAP
5% Graham Cracker Crust TFA
3% Hazelnut CAP
1% Cake Batter CAP
.5% Ethly Maltol CAP
Note: This would actually work with a tobacco as well haven't tried it yet but experiment let me know how it turns out. May I suggest accelerating this with a slow cooker will work wonders otherwise 3 week Steep time.
Cuffing Season
5% Vanilla Custard CAP
5% Cake Batter CAP
5% Vanilla Cupcake CAP
3% Marshmallow CAP
2% Absinthe TFA
1% Cotton Candy TFA
Note: Steep 2 weeks. I use Cotton candy just like ethyl maltol.
Berry Oscillator
4% Blueberry Extra TFA
4% Blueberry Wild TFA
3% Sweet Strawberry CAP
2.5% Vanilla Custard V2 CAP
Note: Right off the bat slightly tart with a nice fluffy lingering of custard. 1 week steep.
5% Dragon Fruit CAP
5% Chai Tea CAP
2% Hibiscus CAP
2% Harvest Berry CAP
2% Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy CAP
Note: For those burning the midnight oil, 2 week steep. A bit of floral inhale but not overtly perfumey.
Beastly Gorge
2% Creamy Yogurt CAP
3% Gingerbread CAP
2% Bavarian Cream CAP
1.5% Butter Cream CAP
1% Sugar Cookie CAP
0.2% Pumpkin Pie CAP
Note: Simplicity is Key, 3 week steep.
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