Just Wanted to Start a Thread about the Upcoming Fun!!!
Okay...as We Tick Closer, Who Needs a Room/Mate, a Ride And at What Time? better to put this in Order Now than while you are Packing...Tongue
I should be arriving at o hare around 12:30pm Chicago time on the Thursday, if anyone wants to share a ride.
Just putting this on the Wall...hope everyone is well
Well, We Are Getting Closer, and I know I have a Bed available, So please Let Me know if you would like To Be Roomies....Fair warring I will Not be in the Room much as I Will Be Working Both mornings(would love The Company, it is not Difficult and Fun to Be a part of a Fantastic Event!) And Will only be in the Room to Shower rest a Few Hours Between Going to the Event Space...Be Well Have Fun!
Ohai! Again....Just throwing another post in hoping this thread picks upߘ
If anyone is looking to volunteer at VapeBash here is the information on how to sign up!!! This post is not from me it's from Jenn, she is the one in charge of volunteers. Smile
Thank you to those who have already volunteered! I will be sending an email in the next week or so, so be on the lookout!
We are STILL looking for MORE volunteers for VapeBash 5!!
In order to keep Vapebash running smoothly, we rely on YOU. Volunteers work the registration desks, doors, and event floor to ensure Vapebash is the best experience for everyone.
To be sure our volunteers get plenty of time to enjoy Bash for themselves, we need MORE people to volunteer for shifts.
If interested in helping for a shift on either Friday or Saturday, please send an email with your first and last name, email address, and phone number to vapebashhelp@gmail.com.
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So..We are Coming On a Month away From the First Big meet of the Year!!!! I hope you have had a Chance to say you are Coming or No, and Signed up to help out a Few Hours as we Can Use everybody to lend a hand, so We all get a chance to Join In the FUN!!!

That said, I still have a Bed available...Hope that someone would not mind sharing the Cost of a place to cleanup and rest between rounds of Hugs and shoppingTongue

Be well And Be Good to eachother :D
I got my email, for volunteering last night! Signed up and hope you all get a chance to help make this Fun for everyone! Just a few hours a day and you will help everyone from the Organizers and the rest of the volunteers! More fun for all..ߘ
Well we are Getting Closer...Still looking for a Roomate :D But...
On the Transportation front I fond this https://www.mozio.com/en-us/#/?ref= an estimate for 5 people was 115 plus gratuity Uber seems to be running 65ish from O'hare, Just throwing out there..
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UPDATE!!!I Have Found a Roomie...But Do hope anyone that has a Need Uses this Thread. Lets get some stuff going on rides to and From and Scheduling Lunches Dinners and other FUN!!

As One of My Other Post asked, Please Do signup for a Few Hours to help out the staff of the Event...Seriously 2 hours a Day and the Rest you can Do your thing but the More people we get the More Free time all our Friends Can Have :DTongueTongue And Less stress on the Folks that put Months into getting this together..

I should be arriving at o hare around 12:30pm Chicago time on the Thursday, if anyone wants to share a ride.

I'm getting in at 6:35 pm on the 14 th and im having to see if i can find a ride as well wish i could help and im willing to do the same share a ride.
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As i posted to another thread im getting in at 6:30pm on the 14th and im looking for a ride since mine wont be in till 2 or 3 hours later .. i got no idea how safe the transit system is so was hoping to find a ride.
Glad to see a Bit of Activity on this, BUT....we are in Crunch time. Kilts and TuTu's as still a Saturday thing, and I am Sure we need a Few Hands to Work the Door and Secure the Room. Seriously that is a BIG deal, because who wants to be on Duty 6+ hours during VapeBash? I know it happened to a Few people last year and I hope that is Not the Case this year...

So, on to the FUN... Dinner Friday Night? Anyone Driving in to Make a Run to Walmart across the street? I Try to have some set plans as the Time Goes Fast once we Hugs start...
I'm still looking for anyone arriving at Ohare around 12:30(pm) Thursday to possibly share a ride to the hotel with. LMK
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