So this is my 1st time on this site and I must say...I love it! Great UI and super simple to talk to other vapers! Anyways...I was thinking about doing a live show after work tonight. Would anyone ACTUALLY show up if I start a show? Would anyone like to participate in a live juice giveaway? Raffle? Auction? Discussion?
I can supply the juice and gear...if you all will supply the conversation and pack the room! Let me know if any of you are down to come hangout at about 11pm Pacific time and vape our faces off!!! Grin
Donny B Vapin'
Not today hun. In the near future though. Do you diy?
Favorite thing to do in vaping?
Donny B Vapin'
Yea I kinda diy still. Little stroke of bad luck lately. I like to be with friends while vaping.
Ok well friend me on FB under Don Ray. Lovely to meet ya Wink
Donny B Vapin'
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