So...It has Been a Dream Of Mine to Get to this Event, and it is Possible...flight is Booked, Now, Who Wants To Share a Room.....I am Happy to Slep on the Floor...just let Me Know....Tongue
Just Got the Travel Home Day Off...Promise not to Bring Too Much Fun...Tongue
Ohai everyone Excited...? I am...Who all is Going?
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Well I think Deeds is headed to the FUN...Anyone else...I know many more are, but you know why I askingߘ
Boy...Hard To Get People To Say They are Going...? Unhappy
OHAI Everyone, update, i have found a Roomate, but Hope this Thread would continue to be a place for others...This is going to one of the Last National meets, get there if you Can....Because I have Hugs to give a Fun to Share ߘ
What is the address of this event? I assumed it was at the Richmond convention center , but it was not on their calender of events ?! I live in RVA and I really wanna attend this thing, but I can't find any info about it online!

Thank you oh so much friend ! See you there !
Last update on November 1, 2:23 pm by Brian Etris.
Okay...I land 2pm Thursday.... Anyone Close to that Would hare a Lyft..?
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Well, I just Wanted to Say that is Was an AMAZING Weekend (Thanks LU!). Now the Post Con Blues will Come and Fade away, but we Have the Tools to Stay Connected and Make our Appearances Somewhere and Create more Memories in the Flesh...
Have to Thank all the Host on all networks that Drive the Community online And Hope we Continue to Fight for Science to dictate Policy while learning what is our Own Personal Taste in Equipment and Juices....
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