Our team is hosting a Vape Convention featuring 3 days and nights of Events and a GREAT Rock Concert Saturday Night!
Several big named music acts are in preliminary agreements to help us throw an amazing show along with a stellar convention opportunity for vapers and businesses alike!
Event is to be held in Miami, FL on the weekend of 4/20/18. (Subject to change possibly to May 2018)
We are at the point where we are ready to start selling the booth and exhibition tables to vendors in Florida & Nationwide. Tickets to the public will be going on sale shorty.
These events draw thousands of vaping enthusiasts from all over the nation but none have combined the experience of live music and entertainment! Let us be the first to bring this to you!
Our operational funds will be handled by companies and sponsors separately. We're looking for funding to help secure the event date and area. Once this is accomplished we will be launching a website where everyone can obtain more information and look into attending our event.
Thank you for taking the time and consideration to read about our opportunity. We look forward to seeing you on the sunny beaches of Miami!
Vapers Unite!
Risks and challenges
Our operational team features members of previously successful convention ventures revolving around this specific niche. Due to our funding structure we anticipate no risks for pledges outside of their investments.
We believe we can proceed with running a smooth convention opportunity once again and with the help of our community make it greater than ever.
Thanks for reading.. More to follow..
Mark Paes
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