I have been frequenting different tutorials to learn to make cannabis vape juice that is potent using propylene and glycerin.
But I am not sure about the ratio to add. Dosage is critically important - if it's higher, it might mess up your life. Different tutorials say different ratios as safe. Some go with 50/50 others with 80/20 glycerin to propylene. Got the flavours and herbs based on my preferences from vape juice flavour distributors in Canada(https://iblissvapor.com/product-category/e-liquid/ ). I am planning to mix it up and cap them all in home-made e-juice bottles in dark places for a couple of days, which is just the basic idea I found online to start off. Infusion is harder to do at this point for me. I used to buy my vape juices from the same place, they even let you make and sell products under your own e liquid brand.
Coming back to the point, please let me what worked for you to get the best output, I meant the propylene and glycerin ratio.
Any suggestions are welcomed.
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