Thought it might be great to throw this thread up for anyone who is thinking about moving into their first mod or perhaps dabbling. I'll kick it off by jacking GrimmGreen's video entitled 'Taking the Next Step'.
Please share any resources you might have delving a bit deeper into mods!
For the people I have told about mods, I always recomend starting with a Vision Spinner, and a tank like Ismoka BCC, or Kanger Pro tank. That gives them a cheap and easy feel for VV, and the tanks are really easy to use, and rarely have issues.
The spinner can be found for about 24 bucks, and the tanks go for 10-15. So figure less than 40 bucks and you are vaping VV.
The next step up would be a Vamo, which are cheap, and easy to use for a noobie.