Check out the newest juice site, for all your custom juice desires. AWESOME prices, excellent customer service, and delicious juice. Tell em Peacepipe sent ya!
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Nice ive heard othe greenman before. We are new too
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I know that His "ultra Sonic Steeping" and Colts Milk are faux pas, BUt gosh Darn it They make some Tasty Juice!! Drunken Witch is a Great Sweet Tobacco, and his Paladins are Great in Absinthe...He Just Made me a Custom Fruit that is going in a Tank as soon as I can pick one up ;-). If you Like Bold Flavors Greenman is the Place!
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Jon In Nashville
I cant even figure out how to use his age verification on the home page.....just a big photo of Greenman holding a scroll and no place to enter the age?
Well I see someone fixed the issue with their website :)
Last update on April 10, 9:41 am by Jon In Nashville.
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