So cutting down my PG intake helped, but I still get the WORST skin reaction (it turns red, itches and burns) when I use artifical strawberry flavor. It's slightly less when the flavoring is flavor art verses other vendors. But It's DEFINATLY strawberry. I've tried a lot of diffrent ones because I DIG the smell and taste of strawberry but this reaction is weirding me out. It doesn't happen when I EAT fake strawberry, JUST when I vape it.
Am I alone in the weird allergic reaction department?
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hi Bug, most artificial flavorings still use a % of natural flavoring in them, and remember inhaling a vape juice hits our systems in a much different manor than eating does.
You didn't say if you where allergic to real strawberries, but I would bet chances are good that it is one of the natural compounds in the flavor that is giving you the most problems where you did not say this about any other flavoring so I wouldn't think it was the pg in them.
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No. Suprisingly my partner at work is allergic to the vanillia vape I had. I switched it up to a non vanillia and no issues.
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