Unlike a lot of new vapers - I did not start off in search of what would most be like my Marlboro Light 100's. I wanted to focus on making vaping work for me and not on "it isn't exactly the same as a real cigarette. I'm glad I did that...but there have been times when I would "think" I still wanted a cigarette only to discover no I really didn't because if I lit one...that was most definitely NOT the taste I wanted. This usually only seemed to come up if/when I was around a couple of different friends who do ...despite my best efforts...are still smoking. So...recently I decided to finally try a tobacco vape and this is the one I tried.
To me it tastes exactly like a very fresh pack of cigarettes when a "real" cigarette tasted good. I don't vape it all the time...just when I get "those" moments. I couldn't be happier because I now don't light up at all and can really truly say I can't remember when was the last time I even wanted to light up. Good stuff!
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