I am looking to venture into the world of RDA building. I do have experience with your run-of-the-mill RBA styles but am now interested in RDAs, because I now see that the ingenuity of those that tinker with them is starting to show it's face. Anyways, it is my understanding that the same vaping experience can be achieved between a normal coil at low ohmage and a micro coil at higher ohmage. My questions are:
1. Is the ability to have a similar vape between low normal and high micro coils because of having more surface area on the micro coil, or is it a heat factor? Or, is it a heat factor, due to the increased surface area?
2. What would you say the ratio of wraps is between the two types of coils, and what gauge wire are you using in your scenario?
3. If you are running a dual coil set up, do you like your final ohmage to be the same as if you were running a single coil? I understand that each coil in a dual coil must be double the preferred final result.
Thanks in advance!
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I have been playing with micro coils, and nano coils for a few months. Maybe I can help based off my limited experience:
1. I think overall coverage area, and heat distribution is the main factors in making micro coils as close to sub ohm as you can get. More surface area heated evenly = More vapor and More flavor
2.For 28 guage wire to get 1.5 -1.8 ohms I usually do 7-9 wraps around a 1/16 drill bit. For 30 gauge wire I do about 10-12 wraps, and 32 gauge is a pain in the rear to mess with on micros, so I choose not too! You have to play with it. I usually cut a long piece of wire, wrap a few, and check the resistance with my meter. Then adjust more or less wraps until I get it where I want it. A multimeter is critical in setting these up right the first time, or else you will waste a lot of wire (trust me, I did)
3. To run dual micro coils at the same resistance as a single coil (1.5 ohms or higher) is really hard to accomplish... Here is why: When you make a dual coil, you are essentially dividing one of the coils resistances in half. Example 2x 2ohm coils will make an overall resistance of 1ohm. So to get that same resistance (1.5 ohms or higher) you will have to make a HUGE coil. After about 12 wraps, it becomes really hard to get them all to stay strait. The other problem is you will never know the actual resistance of your micro coil until after you heat the coil, and press them together. Usually when I wrap around a drill bit the resistance will be 3+ ohms. Then once I heat the coil, and press them together, it comes out much lower, like 1.5. My advice if you go dual micro coil: expect 1 ohm or less.
Another tip I can give you is to buy a cheap Igo W. That is my main tool for making micro coils. Once I am done wrapping the coil around my drill bit, I leave long leads. I put the leads through the eyelets, and screw the bolts down just snug. Then I fire the coils on a mechanical mod and get them glowing really good. I use a pair of tweezers to press the coil together, so that all the coils are touching, but not overlaping. I repeat this a few times. This will help get the coils as close as possible, and keep them in a straight line. Then I can disconnect it from my Igo W, and install them on whatever I want. No torch needed, and the coils are perfect everytime.
Good luck, and let me know if you have any more questions.
Thanks, chris. That was extremely helpful, and pretty much sums up what I was thinking. Thanks for the extra tips as well. What do you wrap your "nano" coils around, and how many wraps, with what gauge wire? I know it's subjective, but do you prefer duals or a single coil, and why? What wicking material do you like, and what have you tried? Do you put said material through the coil or rest the coil on top?
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I just started using micro coils, I love them. Before micro coils my builds never came out right. Now that I have got it down, best vape I've ever had. What really helped me was how I wicked the coils, I use organic cotton balls. Seriously easy to use, and one bag will last forever. I run a 28g 1 to 1.2 dual coil set up with cotton wick. Give it try, you will not be disappointed.
Thanks, chris. That was extremely helpful, and pretty much sums up what I was thinking. Thanks for the extra tips as well. What do you wrap your "nano" coils around, and how many wraps, with what gauge wire? I know it's subjective, but do you prefer duals or a single coil, and why? What wicking material do you like, and what have you tried? Do you put said material through the coil or rest the coil on top?
When I wrap nano coils, I have a really small micro screw driver set, and one of the flat heads is really tiny, so I use it. Its abouthalf the size of my 1/16 drill bit. I have been playing with dual coils (micro) and I like the flavor, but still trying to get used to the cooler vape. They do take a few seconds longer to get any kind of heat. I don't really have a preferance yet, as I am still trying to figure out which I like better, or the same.
For drippers I use a piece of organic cotton under the coil. I have seen it refered to as the "cloud", or "diaper" method. When I do micro's on my Ismoka BCC, I use XS-18 wick through the middle...from kidney puncher. They are always out of that stuff, so I have not had any in a while.
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I really struggled with it when I first started, but now I'll never go back. I've got 2 provari's with KFL's (one is a plus) and I just ordered a third to go with a Semovar 18650 with a Sticker.
This is what always worked for me. I was told to look for a 5/64 drill bit to wrap my kanthal around. I ended up finding a nail that was roughly the same diameter, which gave me the nail head that I used to wrap the coil tighter.
For kanthal, I do 10 wraps of 30g.
Then I use cotton for my wick. Cotton gives you better taste, better vapor and it's easier to roll up a piece and pass through the center of your coil.
The most important tip is to leave about 1/4" or so of cotton above the center tube that screws down onto the deck. Then tuck your cotton down so the tips are on the deck where the channels are cut. Don't try to set up the cotton before screwing that center tube on. The chimney then screws onto that center tube.
Make sure you wet it real good before you reassemble it and fill it. One cotton wick should last an entire tank. I change the wick each time I refill my KFL. I've never had a coil go bad and have used the same one for 2 months before just deciding to change them for fun/practice.
I never have any problems at all now that I push my wick down to the deck instead of trying to position it first. Also, don't vape at too high of a voltage or you'll burn your juice. Good luck! There are a ton of videos out there on this. If you need help, I can turn on my webcam and you can watch me build one.
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I just built my first dual micro coil set up on my KFL+ It came out flawless on my first try. I saw this video on youtube but only had 30g kanthal and a syringe tip from an old ZAP. Not entirely sure what gauge that is, 16 maybe? Anyway, I did 12 wraps and used cotton again and it's ridiculous. My provari is reading it at 1.3ohm's (.65 per coil I think). Here's the video that I followed. The guy's kind of a clown, but was easy to do for the most part.
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Yeah, kinda necroposting, I know, but I just had to share this and it's mostly on-topic:
The other day, during a webshow, someone asked if the difference in coils or wicking types was all in the head of the user - effectively a placebo effect caused by "If it's more complex and looks pretty, it must be better!"
This got me to thinking, so, possessing two identical Igo W's, I created a pair of identical coils, at 0.54 ohms (yes, they were identical down to the 1/100 of an ohm). One I wicked in a generic "wick through the coil" style, the other I dragon wicked. I then saturated both with the exact same e-liquid (a high VG strawberry lemonade flavor).
My mother is staying with me now, and she vapes, so I had the perfect blind test subject. I told her my intent, but not which coil was which, and had her try a puff from each, mounted on the same Magneto mod with the same battery. She unequivicolly stated that the first one had a MUCH stronger flavor. Taking off the caps, it was, of course, the dragon wicked one.
I know that one point of data collected is not much of a scientific study, but it's a starting point - and enough evidence for me to never again give a coil a "regular" wick when it could be dragon wicked. Next step: Identical ohms rating but different coils. As long as Mom doesn't get tired of me using her for a guinea pig... :D
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Arnie H
I know nothing about all this fancy coiling and wicking. It is beyond my technical expertise, 15 months of vaping and I still vape on plain old fashioned loosely spaced single coils at 1.6 ohms using 32 gauge kanthal and silica wick. But if dragons, quads, etc work for someone, more power to them.
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IF anyone still having issues feel fee to hit me up. Be happy to help.
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