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I smoked for 30 years until a very good friend started talking to us about vaping. I resisted vaping for a bit but because my Husband and Friends were persistent got me into vaping. Now I can't stand the stinkies. I do all I can in keeping vaping in my life. I make sure to do my call to actions and contacting the politicians in my own area so that it doesn't go away on us and take away jobs from small business owners.

I can be a bit impatient and crabby at times. But, for the most part, I like to have fun and have a good laugh with friends and people I meet in the vaping community. I'm interested in DIY...but not to go on a big scale where I would be selling it. I want to do it more for my personal use. Thats why I am fighting so hard to keep vaping around. I don't want to hop into DIY to for more then anything personal. I need to know that it will stick around. Then after I feel confident I might consider doing it for more then personal use.
I like a lot of different movies but one that made an impression on me as a child it would have to be a favorite in a kind of creepy It scared me so bad that I ran down the hallway and jumped on my bed because I just knew the monster was under there..It was a short movie about this tiki doll that had a chain around its tummy..the chain fell off and it came to life and not in a good way. Wish I could remember the name of that movie Smile
Vaping of course and Gaming. I would love to get back into drawing again. I miss doing it.
If music evokes a respons within me I like it. It can be from any culture or any style or genre.... it just has to evoke a response within...