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Lives in La Salle, Illinois United States · Born on October 28
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AGA-T2- Vamo,Veritas-iStick 50 watt,
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Still haven't found it!
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Super Excaliber kit and 2 ego twist batteries
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First gen(junk) Lava Tube
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I'm a 51 year old male.I had to retire early because of medical problem's.I have diabetes,chronic bronchitis,emphysema,C.O.P.D.,peripheral artery disease,cardiomyopathy,coronary artery disease,and a few other problems.I started smoking,on and off when I was 18,but that was just a pipe or an occasional cigar.I start smoking full time when I was about 30 years old and have been trying to quit ever since.I started using an e-cig in August of 2012,and will never go back to smoking ever again.
action,horror,and what ever catch's my attention.
radio control airplane's,and heli's,Harley's,fast car's,old muscle car's,old car's in general,drag racing,e-cig mod's,and a host of other thing's.
Hard Rock,Heavy Metal,Classic Rock,Blue's,and what ever sound's good at the time.