by on June 28, 2015
We had a blast today at the Mile High Vaper's Festival. We saw ALOT of ppl and MET some really great folks!!! I wish i had more time to sit down to get to know more of you better!!!
ALSO we were surprised to hear how many locals and non, actually watch our PLV episodes!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR WATCHING AND SUPPORTING US!! The lil things like that make it all worth while and is super touching to us! It REALLY mean alot to us, so again Thank You!!!
I wanna take a min to give HUGE ups and props and a thank you to Biker Granny for spending her time and repping ADVOCATION for CO and for the vape militia. she is donating her time and efforts to this event and is NOT selling anything and I would Urge EVERYONE to stop by her booth tomorrow right in front as you walk in to learn how you can help with ADVOCATION in CO or in your state.
We had such a great time we really did not stop from the time we walked in till we left..and my how the time flys. Was nice to finally meet Ruby Roo, as last YR she was very busy with interviews and stuff so we never got a chance to introduce ourselfs and she was super into the event so we only had a short chance to say hi. Also nice to finally meet Tucker The Beast Vaper as weve crossed paths a few times and dude is a busy cat but none the less he has a nice beard,, hahaha and is super cool between him and Rex i could laff for hours both great peeps. man i could go on naming ppl for hours because it was a good time... you ALL ROCK.
its midnight now and weve got to sort thru the stuffs we got today stay tuned for the next PLV episode probably in the early week for some coverage of this event...
untill then.
Peace Love & Vape
DJJROCK & SnwBunni
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